Welcome to Telesoft Neutek Pvt Ltd
The best place for mobile apps and platforms and to manage large IT projects on time and in costs.
Welcome to Telesoft Neutek Ltd. A pioneer in the field of mobile apps and platforms from 2006 in India, Indonesia & Globally.

We also manage portals like indiabikes.com (eommerce online bike rental & disection.com - An outsourcing Marketplace.

What do we do?

We are an innovative product company with a Telecom backbone

We make things: From our very first day of operation we have been completely focused on making new and innovative products via a mixture of R&D and market research

We make things happen: Our extensive background in Telecom and IT in the Indian sector has enabled us to implement and push our products both at home and abroad

We make the future happen: Our new focus on developing 4G apps and making our existing apps 4G ready is an instance where we are committed to making what has not been made before and in the process redefine the market place

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